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Join CUHKAASC today. Find out more about our membership.

Membership Qualification and Category

CUHKAASC offers two types of Memberships: Regular Membership (voting) and Associate Membership (non-voting).

(1) Regular Membership (voting) is open to individuals who are related to the Chinese University of Hong Kong or its member colleges 

or institutes or schools prior to the establishment of the University in the following manners:

(a) Graduates               

(b) Faculty               

(c) Staff (administrative and others)

(d) Members of the Board of Trustees

(2) Associate Membership (non-voting) is open to the following:

(a) Students (Visiting, part-time, full-time and associate)               

(b) Individuals who are interested in joining the Association, supporting the purposes of the Association and are approved by the Board of Directors

Membership Dues (US Dollars)

Ordinary Member

Life Member



To become a member, please send us your name and contact information by email and we will assist you with your membership application.

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